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What’s Really At Stake?

High Stakes: Technology and Collaborative Teaching   In addition to assessing readiness for change in terms of the teaching practices of the school that relate to the innovation and in terms of the overall culture of the school, teacher-librarians need to consider the needs of the individual teachers in the school. Even in effective schools, teachers […]

An Epic Take

Over at the Shifted Librarian blog there's a link to Rebecca Hedreen's Librarian Musing  and her careful analyses after viewing the EPIC documenatary (the road to the year 2014).  She files it under thought provoking and after viewing it myself, it certainly sends some subtle messages as to the future of education.

Meet Dianne Kimball

Part of what made the Summit so powerful and inspiring was having the chance to sit and speak with people from all across the educational spectrum, interested in achieving the same goals.  After reading through the first wave of VSB comments, I sent Dianne Kimball some post-Summit questions. A little about  Dianne: she is the Library Media Specialist from the Yalesville […]


While this school year is quickly coming to a close there are questions from teachers of  "how to asssess" varied student work?  What is the 21st century assessment tool? It probably depends on who you ask.  teachers are also taking on Finals are being sweated upon by our students and the libraries being maximized for that place to study, […]

Defining Educator X

Doug Johnson is in the process of providing the SLJ VSB with some thoughtful follow-up insight to a column he wrote back in May of 1998, Librarians are from Venus; Technologists are from Mars. In his article Doug maps out the the role of the Librarian vs. the role of the Technologist. He also writes about the new "Educator X" […]


Thank you for your patience while we work out the RSS issue. Over at Steven Cohen's Library Stuff  blog  he he stated that "A new site without an RSS feed is lame. Especially a blog…"Ouch. -Amy

Loertscher’s Coming

I'm in the process of conducting an on line interview with Professor David Loertscher (The School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University) for some post Summit updates.You may recall, David stating, "We have cradled young people in a technology rich environment. We have to train kids in this new environment. PreGoogle and Google. Once a kid […]

Shhh! It’s a Library

Yesterday was interesting. I read a report during an admin meeting stating "our library wasn’t quiet enough." Then it immediately brought me back to the Summit and some lunch conversations I had with some of the librarians in attendance. I prefaced my dialogue so it was clear that while "I AM NOT A LIBRARIAN" I […]

We Heard You Loud and Clear

Now that the SLJ Virtual Summit Blog (VSB) is up and running there is lots to reflect on and also work toward. But of course, before any great venture, there are always some housekeeping notes. 1) Regarding  RSS feeds (thanks for the emails) we are definitely looking into this and will apprise everyone when it is available. 2) This is the most […]

Our Journey Continues

Welcome to the SLJ Virtual Summit blog! We are thrilled to have this online portal to serve as a platform to continue the very compelling discussions and debates that took place at the transformative SLJ Summit in March. It was a dynamic and draining two days, but absolutely worthwhile. Many of you read Evan’s opening […]