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Time To Celebrate Information Providers: Teresa Hartman from User Education Resources for Librarians writes: "Information and its delivery is the cable of "suspension bridge" research projects that join mankind to new ways of living. Research results make big news, but rarely discuss in press releases or documentaries where information (or lack of access to information, or information providers, or librarians) played a role in the outcomes. Research would suffer and projects could not be built strong without information being a key support to the discoveries. While I personally think libraries, librarians, and information providers should be showcased every day on the 6 0'clock news for the vital role they play in the world, I don't mind playing the role of cable supplier in the scheme of things. Every once in a while, though, I would like to see a few documentaries covering ground-breaking research add discussion on the role that information played in leading to the results."

Library Promotion How-to's: Marketing libraries was another idea tossed around at the SLJ Summit. Some attendees shared information on how their schools were using newsletters and local newspapers to promote library services.  Some also recommended the ALA 
School Library Campaign, which provides tips on Marketing/Promotion, as well as scripts for local stations. Here's an example of a script from ABC's Public Service Announcement featuring actor Zach Levi, from "Less than Perfect" and Rebecca Budig, from "All My Children"
"If I were to ask you to name one place that's filled from wall to wall with culture, history, adventure and magic, could you think of a place? Of course…it's your public library. A place where the world is at your fingertips." 

Another idea would be to join up with the tech department at your school and have the students write scripts and create their own videos to promote school and library events. My school uses the software, Serious Magic's Visual Communicator. It's very inexpensive, user-friendly, and has very quick rendering time, once you shoot your tape. Librarians, students, teachers and administrators can create their own news clips and campus updates in minutes. It's very easy.

Ten Steps for Effective Web Promotions: Michael Stephens and Librarian in Black have also come up with 10 steps for using the web to better promote libraries (courtesy of

If you have any ideas on how to better promote your school library, please feel free to comment on the VSB.

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