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Recognizing An Award And Culture

I am pleased to report that School Library Journal has received a 2005 Distinguished Achievement Award for illustration from the Association of Educational Publishers. The award honors the work of illustrator Dave Cutler, which appeared in our Jan. 2004 feature article "The Myopic American," by Stephen Roxburgh.  

The article focuses around the issue of multiculturalism. Roxburgh writes, "At its best, multicultural education acknowledges and celebrates diversity in our culture. But it falls way short of the mark in acknowledging and celebrating the integrity of other cultures. A genuine interest in and commitment to educating children about cultural diversity must include books from other cultures. Their absence reflects a failure in vision and in the multicultural mandate."

Are we doing enough in the way of recognizing multiculturalism in schools? I'm sure many schools celebrate cultural diversity. But, is this "celebration" reflected in our book selections from other cultures? How is a school to know if they are "doing the right thing" in this area. Please share your thoughts.

-Amy Bowllan (Back from a mini vacation)


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