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Let’s Help Make Reading Fun this summer…for the older students too!

Summer has officially started. And now, students and parents are given the daunting task of tackling those awesome summer enrichment reading lists . For older students, perhaps those in grades 7-12, reading is not always fun, and their book lists have been kicked up a notch in intensity. How can parents inspire older children to want to read, while teachers and school media specialists take their much needed summer break?

Here’s what I found so far.

Library News: Summer programs for the family

by Ruth Callahan

Summer Reading Advice for Parents

Keep Kids Reading All Summer Long: Tips from Librarians

Teens’ Summer Reading Program 2005 – Go For It!

Now most of these sites really don’t address how to inspire the older students to "read without regret." SLJ ran a story back in April, Reading to Kids Who Are Old Enough to Shave by Candy Blessing, who writes, "Although often overlooked, read-alouds are a great way to get teens hooked on books."

Feel free to add your own suggestions and/or helpful links.

-Amy Bowllan


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