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Who Knows More?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the ALA conference since it’s so close to the NECC. But thanks to the library bloggers, I’m able to keep tabs on some news coming out of Chicago. I also interviewed Leslie B. Preddy, Library Media Specialist from Perry Meridian Middle School who will provide some ALA feedback for readers.

Meredith, from Information Wants to Be Free blog, certainly doesn’t mince words about an irritant of hers as being the "less experienced librarian".  She writes, "Experienced librarians should also be open to new ideas from their less experienced colleagues. We all have something to bring to the table and there is something to be said for a fresh perspective. So when someone starts to tell me why they’re right and I’m wrong based on their years and years of experience, I basically stop listening. Experience does not necessarily equal wisdom."

I wonder if she has a point. Are some veteran librarians (or teachers) throwing their tenure-weight around? Does their time vested give them the right to? The flip side is, "what about paying your dues Meredith?" Should newer folks to the field realize they too will one day be the "elders with the knowledge" and will face the same challenges? Your thoughts are welcomed.

-Amy Bowlllan


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