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Christopher Harris Part 2

A.B. What are some recent challenges you've had to face in your library and what are some possible solutions to remedy them? For example, your library has blocked media downloads and other restrictions for patrons. Please explain.C.H. "I am not in a library, as it were, but rather lead a School Library System in New […]

What About Blogs?

SLJ is planning to have an upcoming article on blogs and its contributions to student learning. What do you think such an article should cover? Do you think they do advance learning? The editors would like to know.  Recently, I interviewed Will Richardson from Weblogg-ed, and he's had great success using blogs in the classroom. […]

Meet Cynthia Wilson

(Courtesy John Vettese)A.B. Why did you decide to come up with this "I Am A Librarian" photography project? How difficult of an undertaking was this?C.W. "The project seemingly came to me on a whim after reading an article in Bust magazine. I went home, asked my roommate what he thought and then just bought the […]

"Par-lee Voo?"

Here's a commercial break. I obviously don't speak French. But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the Louvre online. Awesome site!   (Thanks to Eric for link)

Couldn’t PASS This Up

It's official, the House passed the USA Patriot Act "by a vote of 357-66." "Schulhofer joins many librarians who worry that enhanced search powers for documents allows government agents to rummage through Americans' private records, including the books they borrow. No doubt most federal agents will use common sense when seeking this information, but the risk of abuse is still […]

Phili’s Raising Eyebrows

Would Ben Franklin agree with what's happening in Philadelphia? "Libraries functioning without a library? WHAT?! In today's day and age? Those people in Philadelphia have a LOT of nerve." Unfortunately some  people in Philadelphia don't buy into that sentiment. They are taking a new look at how their libraries are being run but  there's one piece missing…the librarian. What do […]

What’s Wrong With Digital Learning?

  These factors retard digital teaching Robert Brumfield writes…"What's holding back the digital curriculum? A lot of things: too few classroom computers, poorly conceived professional development, and a lack of time to research and plan–to name three big factors, according to a new report from the nonprofit Education Development Center (EDC)." 

Who Knows The Real Meaning?

In some K-12 schools, information and technology literacy is integrated and threaded throughout the curriculum.  One of my summer responsibilities is to create a rubric  for each grade from K-12, with the hope that students will graduate with a clear understanding of what it means to be "information smart." This change happened as a result of a conversation I […]

Library Marketing

Time To Celebrate Information Providers: Teresa Hartman from User Education Resources for Librarians writes: "Information and its delivery is the cable of "suspension bridge" research projects that join mankind to new ways of living. Research results make big news, but rarely discuss in press releases or documentaries where information (or lack of access to information, […]

David Loertscher Asks…

"I wonder if there is anyone out there who is tracking the Google child/teen at all? Has anyone done any analysis of student footnotes to see what and where student information comes from? Is there anyone out there who asks students to keep a research journal so they can do an analysis of student research […]