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M.G.F Part 2

A.B. Explain how you, as a librarian, have been using your own blog, for your profession. And how would it be helpful/useful for others.
M.G.F. "I think blogs have tremendous potential as a medium for professional communication. Without blogs, I don’t imagine that I would have met most of the brilliant librarians I communicate with regularly. Before blogging, I think most people learned about the great things other librarians were doing through official channels, such as conferences and
scholarly publications. Blogging allows us to describe what we’re working on in real time. Scholarly publications usually highlight major successes and major failures. But how many things went unmentioned that may have been useful to other libraries wanting to try the same thing? I’ve learned so much more about how to actually make things happen at libraries by reading people’s unedited reflections on what they’ve been doing. And reading blogs has allowed me to learn about new library-related technologies that have not yet appeared in the scholarly literature. I first created my blog to have a space to reflect on issues affecting the profession that interested me, but now that I have more of  an audience, I try to write things that may be interesting or useful to others. In my blog, I write a lot about technology issues and sometimes provide software reviews. I also discuss some of my experiences in the library world, though only if they relate to universal themes so that they can be educational rather than simply confessional or cathartic. I think reading blogs is a fantastic way to keep up with what’s happening in the profession in conjunction with scholarly journals. I don't see blogs as being in competition with scholarly journals. To me, they are both useful educational media ."

A.B. In a recent blog post, you touch upon a very sensitive, but a real topic, whereby "some" veteran librarians don't fully appreciate or acknowledge what newer librarians to field could offer. Please elaborate on what you feel is the reason and if there is a remedy to bridge the divide for true collaboration from both parts. Or does it seem impossible given the lack of  communication in this area?


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