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Eat Your ‘Card Catalog’ Heart Out

If you're wondering about….What to do with millions of obsolete library card catalog cards? The University of Iowa Libraries is turning many of them into art.

"Through the project we've named cARTalog, we hope to find as many creative uses as possible for the salvaged card catalog cards by reinventing them as mail art, artist books, collage, poetry and sculpture," says Baum. "We also hope to generate a sense of community among those who love the card catalog."

Please share in the comment section what you've done or haven't done with your library card catalogs. I also pose the following question, "How many of your teachers in school libraries know there is no longer a card catalog available?"

What Happened To The Card Catalog?
History of the Card Catalog by Karen Coyle  
SeattleSource on Card Catalogs

-Amy Bowllan


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