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Not The Party You’re Thinking Of

Michele Malkin asks the question, "Mommy What's A Rainbow Party?"  And honestly speaking, I didn't know what it was either until I read Tamar Lewin's NYTimes article, Are These Parties For Real? 

Malkin's article is based on the controversial and sexually explicit, young adult book, The Rainbow Party by Paul Ruditis. She writes, "The author and publisher pay lip service to the informational value of the book to families, teachers, and students. In the end, the main characters abandon plans for the event and news of an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases rocks their school." And "As Ruditis suggests, this book will end up on public school library shelves in the very near future…" 

I wonder: Should librarians in conservative communities–or anywhere else, for that matter–even contemplate buying YA books that an adult reader might think pornographic? It seems like a risky proposition to me. But then so do rainbow parties—if they exist.

Almost Girl (a young blog writer discusses the subject)


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