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The Never Ending Grant Writing Goal

I'm convinced that the words school and grants are synonymous terms ("Where there's a school, there's a grant writer.").  So in my quest to write grants for my own school library, I did stumble upon some links I'd like to share with readers…some of these you may not have in your bookmarks.

One of my pet peeves with grant writing is the never ending, end to the application process. Even when you think you're finished, there is always, one more thing. Then, when you've completed the application, you have to make the xerox copies. Are there any grants out there that you don't need to take an advanced course on; or that's "easy" to fill out? In all honesty, I have a full file of grant applications half filled out.

Funding and Grant Sources
Library Grants
Grant Writing and Fund-raising Information Resources for Libraries
NJ State Library Grant Information
Northeast Texas Library System – Grants for Libraries

Please feel free to share more stressless grant links and/or advice in the comment section.

-Amy Bowllan


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