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Eat Your ‘Card Catalog’ Heart Out

If you're wondering about….What to do with millions of obsolete library card catalog cards? The University of Iowa Libraries is turning many of them into art. "Through the project we've named cARTalog, we hope to find as many creative uses as possible for the salvaged card catalog cards by reinventing them as mail art, artist […]

Hang On a Minute

I'm convinced that no cell phone use in any educational establishment is almost impossible to enforce. It's also no surprise that trying to keep student cell phone use in schools (particularly in libraries) is even more difficult. I've actually found students with longer locks using their hair to cover their cell phones while they chat away. What's a school to do when cell phones and […]

To All Of You Know-It-Alls

Just when you thought you knew it all, comes the online Library Science Jeopardy game. It's pretty cool and interactive. It's also a great game to teach students and faculty members about library science. Enjoy and eat your heart out Alex Trebek. -Amy Bowllan

‘Brake’ For Summer Reading

In an effort to support and encourage summer reading, the New York State Library's Statewide Summer Reading Program has kicked off its Love Your Library License plate available at the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. More summer reading links: Imagine the possibilities: Imagination Library to bolster kids' reading skills by Jennifer Spirko of The Daily Times […]

Let’s Hear It from the Tots

It was fascinating reading the article "Start Spreading The News." SLJ’s News and Feature editor Rick Margolis conducted a random phone sampling to see how many librarians were incorporating dialogic reading in their libraries. He writes, "The rest of my calls weren't so encouraging. I talked to librarians in 10 states: one each in Virginia, […]

Meet Leslie Preddy

A.B. You recently presented a conference on adolescent literacy. Please explain how people working in education could understand and access the "latest developments in the area of literacy for students ages 10 to 18." What are the skills needed for understanding this? L.P. "I presented at the Adolescent Literacy Conference a session on SSR with […]

Meet Leslie Preddy Part 2

A.B.You've written extensively about the role of the Library Media Specialist in school libraries. Given their current obstacles, (one being budget cuts) are there any realistic solutions that could remedy these problems? What's their biggest challenge? L.P. The biggest challenge I see for school library media specialists is the same issue I see with most […]

M.G.F Part 2

A.B. Explain how you, as a librarian, have been using your own blog, for your profession. And how would it be helpful/useful for others. M.G.F. "I think blogs have tremendous potential as a medium for professional communication. Without blogs, I don’t imagine that I would have met most of the brilliant librarians I communicate with regularly. […]

M.G.F Part 3

M.G.F. "This is a very delicate issue, and one that goes beyond age or experience. As in any field, there are librarians who embrace change and librarians who fear it. For many, this is no longer the same field they entered into 20 or more years ago, and for some people that is an exciting […]

Meet Meredith Gorran Farkas

A.B Meredith, I know you recently attended the ALA conference in Chicago.  What did you come away with from your sessions? Were they what you expected? M.G.F. "Like at any conference, I went to some really inspiring sessions and some that I got very little out of. All of the sessions I went to involved […]