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The Flex-Sched Approach

A new approach with some libraries in Tennessee is paying off with higher test scores for elementary students. "The flexible approach allows school librarians to partner with classroom teachers in planning lessons and build a connection for students between what happens in the classroom and the relevance of the library." In the article, Technology boosts libraries  Katharine Mosher writes,"Eighty percent of Metro’s   K-4 schools and all but one middle school have transitioned to a flexible library schedule instead of a fixed schedule where classes visit the library for a set amount of time each week."

This sounds like a great initiaitive and certainly one other schools should incorporate. The only problem is, what about the high school students? "The secondary grades remain an area of greater need. Half of Metro’s high schools have non-fiction items ranging in date from 1984 or older." How can high schools benefit from a flex sched? Maybe high school teachers aren't steering their students in the direction of the library for their resources. They certainly are being left out of this equation for success.

-Amy Bowllan