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What Plagues You?

Obviously books can't give you a cold. But being around certain books could give you the chills. One example listed in Barbara Kerr's article, Freshwater sharks and other things that fascinate librarians is "Six Modern Plagues and How We Are Causing Them" by Mark Jerome Walters – Everything you need to scare yourself silly about mad cow disease, hanta virus and four other charming ills. 

Kerr writes that,"On the benefits of being a librarian is close access to books. One of the problems is close access  to books about things that make you nervous. Like freshwater shark attacks."

My own, "I won't read those books syndrome" are the picture books of pythons eating those poor defenseless mice whole. Do you have any books that give you the creeps? Or…have been mysteriously removed from the shelves in your library?

-Amy Bowllan