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Get With The Times Or Else

 A Techie, Absolutely and More,  
New York Times reporter Steven Lohr seems to touch on the swerve of course for those who rely so heavily on computers to get work done.  He writes, "On campuses today, the newest technologists have to become Renaissance geeks. They have to understand computing, but they also typically need deep knowledge of some other field, from biology to business, Wall Street to Hollywood. And they tend to focus less on the tools of technology than on how technology is used in the search for scientific breakthroughs, the development of new products and services, or the way work is done."

What this says to me is, you have to possess a much stronger understanding of how you use technology for your day-to-day job. The days of,  "I'm not good at computers" are over.  No more excuses will be accepted by tomorrow's bosses. Students who are growing up googling aren't going to accept the
age-old excuse saying "technology is not for me."

"We need to get the brightest people working on those opportunities."  (Steven Lohr NYT)

-Amy Bowllan


  1. Christopher Harris says:

    What this might also be showing is a shift from looking at technology as a seperate subject or industry to a view of technology as a tool that can support other areas.

    It sounds more like being a librarian in an academic field or a special library. A medical librarian needs to know about medicine to effectively interact with the information. So it sounds right that a medical technologist would need to know about medicine to see new ways for technology to support medical practices.