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Using NYPL’s Picture Collection ONline

(photo courtesy NYPL)
How do you think a student would describe this picture? Would they know this shot was taken in the heart of New York's ghetto in 1903?  The New York Public Library is providing great reasons (see below) on why educators should use their Picture Collection Online database. Not to mention, it's free, very well organized and holds endless topics for all curriculum areas.

  • The images record the history of people and places around the world

  • The images are both primary and secondary source documents you can use to help your students understand the differences between these types of materials.

  • The images show you, and your students, how artists and photographers saw the world in which they lived at a particular time and in a particular place

  • The images are not readily available in any other location

  • Using images such as these in your classroom helps you meet many requirements set out by state and national standards and frameworks.

    -Amy Bowllan

    Permission information for downloading pictures