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Tech’s Back-To-School Buzz

If you're interested in "beefing" up your technology program for the new school year, there are three technology trends to watch for1) Textbooks and Ebooks 2) Web 2.0 (blogs, wikis & podcasts) (courtesy Dcannell)  and 3) Moodle which is "a free course management system for educators to create effective online learning communities." (Ssedro in Malaysia)

There's also, Essential freeware for the PC user and (via David). These sites, I highly recommend you bookmark or Furl there's lots of great comments and links for users.

Now I'm not sure why textbooks are still on the list, unless I missed something. But feel free to leave (in the comment section) your own Best Tech Picks for the 05-06 academic year.

-Amy Bowllan


  1. Thanks for the Blinklist Mike. I just checked on it and it looks pretty good.

  2. Will comment after trying it.