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Make Way For Podcasting

If your library is thinking about podcasting, the Metropolitan Library System is hosting a Technology Summit in October to learn more. (via The Shifted Librarian) The description reads, "What is podcasting, and does it involve aliens from outer space? No! Podcasting a great new way to syndicate audio and video content via subscriptions online. Podcasting […]

Something Old, Something New

Receptacles move smokers away from library's doors There's something new at the Council Bluffs Public Library. A new policy that prohibits people from smoking just outside the main doors.

An A+ For Syracuse and The NYBOE

It seems as though the The Syracuse University School of Information Studies in NY, has received almost $1 million to partner with the New York City Board of Education to address the need to educate school library media professionals for service in high-need, urban schools. Forty master's-level students will receive partial or total funding for […]

A Little Bit of This…A Little Bit of That

It's not back to school time…yet. However, it's never too late to start preparing for the fall. Here's a list of some useful educational links for both teachers and librarians. Some you may have already. And of course, the SLJ website also has loads of resources.Educators and Librarians Activity Time  (Lesson plans and activities with Curious […]

Money Does Matter

Amanda Paulsen from The Christian Science Monitor writes,"The factors that improve student performance often seem a fuzzy list of hard-to-define assets like good teachers, effective principals, smaller classes, and the right curricula, only some of which are directly related to dollars." (full article Does money transform schools? Illinois debates its big rich-poor spending gap.)  Clearly, money matters when it […]

The Flex-Sched Approach

A new approach with some libraries in Tennessee is paying off with higher test scores for elementary students. "The flexible approach allows school librarians to partner with classroom teachers in planning lessons and build a connection for students between what happens in the classroom and the relevance of the library." In the article, Technology boosts libraries  Katharine […]

Wear ‘Libraries Matter’

Rubber wrist bands are certainly the latest fad among young people these days, (last I checked). So if you missed receiving a  ‘Libraries matter’ wrist band at the ALA conference in Chicago this year, there's still time to purchase some for your school or library. Karen Bersche from the Alliance Library System writes, "Moments after the […]

Something Bugs Me About This Headline

Part of my summer break was visiting libraries throughout the upstate New York region. It's been a very rewarding experience; which is why when I read headlines like this, "Librarians come out from behind the desks," makes me wonder if this is just an old time stereotype. David Sturm from The Jeffersonian writes, "The Parkville library has since February […]

teen helpers

Counselors are rounding up their summer jobs and some were avid library helpers. Do you know of any student shelvers? Avid teen reader aids librarians

Closed For Too Long

Could racism be the reason why one library in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn has remained closed since October 2002 due to renovations? One concerned citizen of the neighborhood, C. Wayne Surber, is steaming about why this community is out of one of the hottest resources for the summer. "If you refer to the U.S. census demographic data of 2000 again, you'll find that over 80.3% of […]