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Do You Homeschool In The Summer?

It appears as though more and more parents are turning to homeschooling instead of the traditional educational setting for their children. But whatever the reason a parent decides to homeschool, (religious or frustrations with schools) libraries can play a key role in the success of those being homeschooled. One homeschooler recommends the following,"I think it would be great for libraries to […]

So What’s TOO Much?

Maybe it's me. But just when you think you have this "technology piece" under your educational belt, along comes…SOMETHING ELSE. You definitely have to be "in it." But how much?   Yes, blogs have been around for a few years, but now, podcasts and virtual classrooms?  A New York Times writer, Ethan Todras-Whitehill writes in a recent article, […]

The Textbook Dinosaur

The good old classroom TEXTBOOK is becoming more and more in question and obsolete these days. In the article Textbooks of the Future by David Warlick states the following, "…students will eventually use computers in place of traditional textbooks is almost certain. Just watch the eight-year-old children at your local elementary school pulling their backpacks (now on wheels). This makes no […]

Close Encounters

Here are some "simple way to share books with the world, and follow their paths forever!"  ConnectviaBooks and BookCrossing. (via Library Stories blog) -Amy Bowllan