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May I Read Please?

Banned books week is well underway in some states as Kate Gurnett reports from the (out of Albany, NY). She writes, "Restricting information — literary, personal, or by computer — is anathema to democracy, say librarians, who have launched national Banned Books Week, through Saturday, to promote intellectual liberty. And, "outside the door of the Albany Public Library, […]

What’s The Moral Of The Story?

Who says reverse psychology doesn’t work? Brian Ferguson, from News (out of Scotland) reports on some Sighthill Library staffers winning a national award  for a very unique project. "The library staff were nominated for the award by the police after lifting a ban on youngsters involved in the trouble and instead urging them to use […]

Upcoming AASL Conference

The AASL 12th Annual Conference and Exhibition will allow for on-site registration  if you missed the registration cut off date of September 22nd.   Actor and Reading Rainbow host, LeVar Burton will deliver the keynote address and panelists include, "Steven Baule, principal of Zion-Benton Township High School in Zion, Illinois; Mike Eisenberg, dean of the Information School at the […]

Wiki Experts Needed

A writer for School Library Journal is putting together an article on wikis in education, particularly in media centers. If you have experience with wikis, or know a media specialist who does, please contact Eric Oatman at He will be very, very grateful. -Amy Bowllan

Preparedness Plan Follow-Up

With Hurricane Rita now at a category 5, I’m posting a follow-up link to yesterday’s query on "emergency preparedness plans for school libraries" in the event of a natural disaster. "The Heritage Emergency National Task Force offers the following advice to museums, libraries, archives, and historical societies for protecting collections and records from wind and water damage." Preparing […]

WANTED…School Library Preparedness Plan

Are there any elementary and/or high schools out there with an emergency preparedness plan for library materials/resources in the event of a natural disaster or terrorist attack? It seems like there ought to be. I just haven’t found any yet. Anyway, some higher ed. schools like the University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries and others have in place a very comprehensive natural disaster […]

2 More Blogs To Read

Here are some relatively new blogs I’ve been "Keeping Up" with.  Doug Johnson at The Blue Skunk  blog and Joyce Valenza’s Never Ending Search.  If you recall, I interviewed Doug back in May and he provided readers with some very (in my opinion) realistic explanations about what it means to be a "technologist" and a librarian in the […]

And The Winner Is…

Congratulations to the staff at the McArthur Library in BIDDEFORD, Maine for 106 hours of uninterrupted reading breaking the record of 100 hours, set earlier this summer at a library in Henderson, Nev. These four librarians, and two high school students, read aloud for more than four straight days putting them in the Guinness Book of World […]

A Little Levity During Tough Times

I thought this was cute to share…Librarians in Uproar Over Sean Combs’ Latest Name Change to Diddy. "Our researchers have uncovered a growing resentment amongst librarians that Sean Combs’ frequent name changes are designed to make their collective lives ‘a living hell’, with the star’s work now possibly being filed in 5 different but correct […]

Books Can Provide Some Relief

Esther Lombardi from provides the following information on, how to help provide relief to hurricane victims–one book at a time.  Lombardi lists some practical tips and ideas on how you can help provide some comfort to those who have suffered through the storm. Here are just a few examples from her article…1.  People in relief shelters […]