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Books Can Provide Some Relief

Esther Lombardi from provides the following information on, how to help provide relief to hurricane victims–one book at a time.  Lombardi lists some practical tips and ideas on how you can help provide some comfort to those who have suffered through the storm. Here are just a few examples from her article…1.  People in relief shelters need food and clothing, but they also need to feed the mind! Books are an important donation for any relief effort. With so much already on their minds, books can offer a welcome diversion, an escape–if only for a few hours–from the reality of what has happened! Contact your local shelter, and find out how you can donate books. They may also be able to tell you what local efforts are underway to contribute to a natural disaster, or other event.

2.   Purchase or pack up the books that you plan to donate. You may want to consider including individual books as part of a care packages–with other needed supplies. One great idea is to put the supplies in a backpack, so the recipient has an easier time with transporting them. Another great idea is to write a personal note of encouragement to include with the package.

3.   Start passing the word! Your friends and family members will likely have books they’d like to donate as well! Remember, even if they don’t have books to donate, they may be happy to donate a few dollars, which could be combined with the donations of others to provide more books for families in need.

-Amy Bowllan


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