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WANTED…School Library Preparedness Plan

Are there any elementary and/or high schools out there with an emergency preparedness plan for library materials/resources in the event of a natural disaster or terrorist attack? It seems like there ought to be. I just haven’t found any yet.

Anyway, some higher ed. schools like the University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries and others have in place a very comprehensive natural disaster and hurricane emergency plan. Although I’m finding in the wake of Katrina, certain institutions will need to update their policies and procedures.

The MacArthur Campus Library Hurricane Plan  revised theirs in April 2005, pre Katrina…true visionaries. They also provide a checklist that could prove useful to others, now that hurricane Rita is moving in.  Here’s some information from their plan.

"Although the safety of the staff takes priority over safety of the library and its contents, please make an effort to protect the library when possible.

Hurricane plastic is stored where it is needed.
Plastic bags for covering computers are stored in the computer lab.
Plastic for covering Service Desk equipment
Plastic for floor shelving, furniture and equipment is in storage room
Plastic for second floor shelving, furniture and equipment."

Other useful links.
ALA Library Fact Sheet – Disaster preparedness web sites
Hurricane Preparedness Plan for Harvard Libraries-Recovery of Harvard University of Library Collections   Disaster Plan for Randall LibraryGeneral Guidelines for preparedness.
Are you ready for a hurricane?(a pdf file and great to hang up in schools)
Preservation and conservation links

-Amy Bowllan


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