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May I Read Please?

Banned books week is well underway in some states as Kate Gurnett reports from the (out of Albany, NY). She writes, "Restricting information — literary, personal, or by computer — is anathema to democracy, say librarians, who have launched national Banned Books Week, through Saturday, to promote intellectual liberty. And, "outside the door of the Albany Public Library, librarians have spread banned or challenged books atop a shelf. Librarians argue that reading, speaking and thinking freely are core American values." (Librarians author cautionary tale)

Now, if the Fayetteville, AR, struggle with Laurie Taylor, the woman who challenged 70 titles is any guide, (via teenlibrarian) negative reactions do surface. But how should they be dealt with? I’m sure other communities are also dealing with resisters? 

-Amy Bowllan



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