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Another Halloween Treat

If you need a last minute Halloween idea, here are some very cool and free Halloween bookmarks… which could be another item to toss inside those trick-or-treat bags. What's happening at your library today? Please share your ghostly stories and ideas.

Finding The Truth

If you’re interested in seeing how your blog ranks in the blogosphere, visit The Truth Laid Bear site.  "The TTLB began as a humble BlogSpot blog over three years ago, and has since evolved into a fully developed portal to the blogosphere. The TTLB Blogosphere Ecosystem is widely regarded as the definitive weblog ranking system, […]

Correction: Tuesday’s Post

Thanks to Alice Yucht, I've learned my Tuesday post commending the AASL conference blog distorted her views. I've pasted Alice's clarifications below. My apologies to anyone I offended.   Alice Yucht writes… "My comments were specifically about the Closing Session, not the whole conference: 1.  The names I offered were for keynote speakers for the final […]

She Didn’t Get Up AND Opened The Doors

 The Rosa Parks Library and Museum…In honor of courage Trying to explain to a young person that there was a time in our nation's history (not long ago) when library doors were closed…for some, is a hard reality to grasp. Rosa Parks didn't get up or give up in her struggle for racial equality and in addition to not getting up, […]

Some Advice For The Next AASL Conference

"Blogger, grad school teacher, and former librarian Alice Yucht provides a list of recommended suggestions for the next AASL Conference. You can visit their blog for a list of "off the cuff" speakers to add to the list. Celebrate what WE do (not what they’ve done) as part of thebroad educational infrastructure, Challenge us with creative and controversial […]

What’s A Splog?

It never fails, just when you're content with explaining tech terms like…blog, comes another word to add to your 21st century dictionary…splog. I guess if you put two and two together you could probably figure out that splogs are those annoying spam blogs whose "purpose is to increase the PageRank of the affiliated sites, get ad impressions from visitors, and/or use […]

A Site For Sore Eyes

The Site and Soundbites blog has a phenomenal catalog of  links to library, books, and technology resources. Here’s one I  found worth bookmarking…Innovative Internet Applications in Libraries. -Amy Bowllan

So What Do You Tell The Parents?

 A panel of librarians, authors and parents were on hand to discuss the quality of children's literature at "The Virginia Library Association's 2005 conference in Williamsburg this week. The panel on Wednesday –called "What's on your Shelves? — tackled the issues in children's literature." (Books for kids: Librarians, authors converge on Williamsburg to critique trends.) by Laura McCandlish […]

ALA’s Teen Read Week 2005

The ALA is encouraging teen readers to Vote For The Theme of Teen Read Week 2006 and Area libraries are stepping up efforts to draw more young readers for the American Library Association’s Teen Read Week which "started Sunday and runs through Saturday, with the ALA offering programming tips and merchandise. Libraries across the country are trying […]

What’s Grosser Than Gross?

Teens test limits of grossness at library <MCC SUBHEAD>First-ever 'Fear Factor' includes baby food, worms <MCC BYLINE1>from out of Baton Rouge Louisiana. by Mark H. Hunter "They gagged, they grimaced and they grinned as a dozen teenagers conquered some of their fears on Saturday during the inaugural "Fear Factor" staged at the Greenwell Springs Library." […]