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Kathy Ishizuka, SLJ’s technology editor writes

AASL conference virgin, here, en route to Pittsburgh. I’m looking forward to meeting and mingling with our constituency and expecting a different experience than I’ve had at the various tech conferences (NECC, FETC,and the like), where conversations are always prefaced by an explanation of SLJ and why school librarians matter (although this is changing as school librarians become more visible and vocal at these events). I encountered a former colleague at JFK–the IT manager at a reference publisher where I previously worked as an editor. Now a TSA employee, he was inspecting my bag, when we recognized one another. He had launched an electronic publishing venture in the late ’90s, but shaky market conditions forced him to fold and seek other employment. I shook his blue rubber-gloved hand, wished him well, and departed for
the conference.   


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