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It’s Not What You Say, But What You Say

How do we bridge the communication gap that exists among media coordinators, school administrators, and instructional technologists? Professors Roma B. Angel and Robert L. Sanders, members of the Leadership & Educational Studies Department of Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, have some ideas. They have initiated a project that brings education and library science students together online. As part of their coursework, students from both disciplines must read and respond to case studies of school personnel issues. While encouraged to discuss the similarities and differences in their perspectives, the participants must reach a consensus on how to respond to the hypothetical situations. Through these exercises and spirited discussions, Angel and Sanders hope to promote cross-disciplinary dialogue, to help students develop democratic problem-solving skills, and to build a learning community.-Daryl Grabarek 
(Let’s Talk: Using Case Studies to Promote Dialogue between Media Coordinators, Principals, and Instructional Technologists…)

The changing face(s) of educational leadership: UCEA at the crossroads
Building Web-based Cross-Program Solution Communities through Problem Solving and Case Study Analysis


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