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Some Advice For The Next AASL Conference

"Blogger, grad school teacher, and former librarian Alice Yucht provides a list of recommended suggestions for the next AASL Conference. You can visit their blog for a list of "off the cuff" speakers to add to the list.

  • Celebrate what WE do (not what they’ve done) as part of the
    broad educational infrastructure,
  • Challenge us with creative and controversial viewpoints on
    the future of libraries and learning,
  • Charge us with new goals as we refocus and reflect on what
    we’ve learned here during this conference.

-Amy Bowllan


  1. Amy, I went to the blog post and that’s not quite what Alice wrote. They were off-the-cuff suggestions *from* Alice re: who could speak, not people that speak off-the-cuff.

    I’m surprised a journalist didn’t do better fact checking.