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Finding The Truth

If you’re interested in seeing how your blog ranks in the blogosphere, visit The Truth Laid Bear site"The TTLB began as a humble BlogSpot blog over three years ago, and has since evolved into a fully developed portal to the blogosphere. The TTLB Blogosphere Ecosystem is widely regarded as the definitive weblog ranking system, and with the latest release, TTLB receives an average of 7,185 visits and 16,024 page views per day." (TTLB)

I humbly report that the SLJ blog is considered by TTLB as an insignificant microbe ranking at number 39,867. 

-Amy Bowllan 


  1. Doubtful results says:

    I have studied some of the rankings and the FAQ for this page. I don’t find it as reliable as the web author finds himself. The methods of getting ranked are such that those with “the know” get higher ranks. Be suspicious is my motto for this evening.

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