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From the (former) AASL maiden

I'm pleased to report that my AASL initiation wasn't at all painful and was surprisingly enjoyable after I got my bearings. The intriguing program lineup–which had prompted my last minute decision to attend–has, so far, not disappointed. Just as meaningful is the face-to-face time with associates, from across the country — and across the hall. […]

The Hot Ticket At AASL

If you think the hottest ticket in Pittsburgh is one to the next Steelers' game, guess again. A Friday morning session called "A Unique Approach to Introducing Information Literacy in the Primary Grades" had conference-goers clamoring for seats, camped out in the aisles, and spilling out of the room. The workshop's presenters, Marilyn Arnone of […]

Food For Thought At AASL

For those dining in Pittsburgh, particularly my friend and fellow editor Rick Margolis, otherwise known as SLJ's traveling gourmand, here are some recommendations from my cab driver Sean. Bloomfield Bridge Tavern, for Polish food. For seafood, the Grand Concourse or Monterey Bay. For Irish cuisine, The Poorhouse in Carnegie. And finally, Primanti Brothers, which offers […]

Kathy Ishizuka, SLJ’s technology editor writes

AASL conference virgin, here, en route to Pittsburgh. I’m looking forward to meeting and mingling with our constituency and expecting a different experience than I’ve had at the various tech conferences (NECC, FETC,and the like), where conversations are always prefaced by an explanation of SLJ and why school librarians matter (although this is changing as […]

Vonnegut Vonnegut, on politics, presidents and librarians By Jacqueline Blais, USA TODAY Music (especially the blues) cheers him, as do people who behave decently. Librarians, too — "not famous for their physical strength" — who resist having books removed from shelves and refuse to give names of people who have checked out certain books in […]

Picture This…

If you’re interested in posting pictures to your blog and you use the free blogger service, Hello and Picasa are the way to go. Both services are free, easy to use, instantaneous and work hand-in-hand to allow users to post pictures and videos to their blogs. They also help you to organize your pictures in one location on […]

Radicals or Realists?

After reading the article Today's librarians challenging stereotypes by AP writer Jessica Paskot, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of people entering the field. Paskot reports that "The changing perceptions may be attracting more people to the profession. Enrollments in accredited Library and Information Science degree programs have climbed from 18,901 in 1997 to 26,521 in 2003, according to the […]

Yahoo’s Up Next For Digitizing

The BBC is reporting that Yahoo will attempt to pick up where Google left off in digitizing 18,000 coyrighted works of American literature plus material from national and European archives. "The end result will be a huge online collection freely available to web users. The first works to be digitized should be online by the end of the […]

The SLJ Blog Is E x p a n d i n g

The SLJ blog has changed its name, (slightly) but not its goals. We are still offering "a valuable mix of news-you-can use, tips on cutting-edge technology, and ideas to chew on — everything you want to know in the world of libraries and learning."  Also, check us out for AASL reactions. You’ll be getting up close and personal with […]