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A Few Helpful Tips For Teachers

Over at the Amy loves books blog, Amy Jurskis from Tri Cities High School offers a unique tip for teachers who struggle with the often stressful task of having students read aloud.  It's a very clever game to rid the student's anxiety she calls "Pass The Poe." She writes…

"The rules are simple:

1. If you receive the Poe, you must read a minimum of ONE sentence. If you want to read more, you can. Once you are in possession of the Poe, YOU decide when you want to pass it and who you want to pass it to.

2. If it is passed to you, YOU MAY NOT DENY THE POE.

My kids love Pass the Poe. Miraculously, everyone wants to read now, and everyone follows along in their book because they never know when Poe will be passed to them."

I know you're thinking, "Why didn't I think of that?" Right?

Amy also created a webquest for teachers of English or science she's titled, "Is It Really A Brave New World?"

Feel free to share your own strategies for student readers like, Pass the Poe. Or if you have any helpful webquests you're using with your teachers.

-Amy Bowllan