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Peter Drucker

The late Peter Drucker wrote in The Effective Executive wrote about the Knowledge Worker  (via comment by reece lennon) From the 1994 Edwin Godkin Lecture on Peter Drucker's theory of the "Knowledge workers, even though only a large minority of the work force, already give the emerging knowledge society its character, its leadership, its central […]

‘Bye Bye 05′

So just when you think you have this technology integration down pat…with a New Years resolution to now implement it, comes, The 2006 Technology Trends.  According to ABC News, "Blogs and podcasts are so 2005. In 2006, it's going to be all about vlogs, mobisodes, and cell phones that can swipe credit cards."Using vlogs in schools is certainly […]

Skype’s New Release

For Skype and Google Talk users…"Santa Cruz Networks released a free plug-in to let Skype users engage in voice over IP (VoIP) (define)and video calls with users of Google Talk." (Festoon Plugs Skype Into Google Talk by Susan Kuchinskas) -Amy Bowllan

Amazon’s On The Blog Board

In an effort to bring authors and potential readers together, Amazon Connect is now available. "The Amazon blogs are, at least for now, intended as a one-way communication, with writers talking to readers." (A Chance To Meet The Author Online by Edward Wyatt) This is just one way (a cool one of course) for publishers to use an online medium to increase […]

All She Wants For Christmas…

"So please, Santa, what I want for Christmas doesn't come in a box and can't be bought at the mall, and you can't put it under my tree, but you can do one thing for me and that would be to open our town library for Christmas. That would last all year long. That's the […]

The Gift Of Selling Books

Something should definitely be said for "A GOOD SELL." And after reading Pulitzer prize winner, author and New York Times critic Margo Jefferson's article, Some Books Are Worth Giving; Some Books Are Also Worth Keeping, it's clear that "The Solitude of Self: Thinking About Elizabeth Cady Stanton," by Vivian Gornick and  "No Applause – Just Throw Money: The Book That Made Vaudeville Famous," by […]

Blog It To ME!

Well, it's no revelation (unless you've been on Mars) that bloggers are writing about everything from soup to nuts.  People like you and me do read blogs. But it's vastly different from being a reader of blogs to seeing your name appear in a post. It does lead one to wonder, "Who would write about me?"  And for some book authors, […]

These Are Their Tools. So Let’s Deal With It

It seems as though babes using laptops will either turn parents on or off (pardon the pun). And while parents scramble to find the latest gadgets this holiday season, to make the most out of their child's early learning years, some are barking at the notion. "This generation of parents grew up thinking technology was all positive, so if they see their child looking […]

Strikes Don’t Close Doors

While the Big Apple subway and bus riders weather the cold through day 1 of the strike, one things for sure, the NYC transit strike is NOT stopping public libraries (or schools for that matter) from closing. The NYPL has posted the following advisory for patrons. Dear Patrons, "Due to the transit strike the New York Public Library is operating on a […]

Laptops For $100?

The MIT Media Lab is a year away from "rolling out" a global initiative to connect the world's underprivileged children with the rest of the world.  "The MIT Media Lab has launched a new research initiative to develop a $100 laptop—a technology that could revolutionize how we educate the world's children. To achieve this goal, a […]