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Well, it's no revelation (unless you've been on Mars) that bloggers are writing about everything from soup to nuts.  People like you and me do read blogs. But it's vastly different from being a reader of blogs to seeing your name appear in a post. It does lead one to wonder, "Who would write about me?"  And for some book authors, they're finding out what their "loyal" readers think about their work. Pamela Paul from the New York Times writes, "For some authors, blogs provide the first indication that someone other than family members and people who owe them favors are reading their books." (What Are the Blogs Saying About Me?) 

And for those of us more "sain-sitive" types, Paul writes, "Of course, the blogosphere can also be a rough place for fragile egos. Rick Moody, a self-described "suppurating wound of vulnerability," admits to having plugged his name into Technorati on several occasions. "I can graph it onto my serotonin levels," said Moody, whose new novel is "The Diviners." "It's like taking a pill to enhance suicidal ideation. Even the good ones make me want to kill myself."

Here's some advice, having been mentioned (slammed) on a few list-serves and blogs myself:
1) Close one eye before reading the blog post. This eases the sting.
2) Stop technorating your blog name if you cannot take criticism. It's the television factor of  the OFF switch. 
3) Take the critiques, both good and bad with a grain of salt and worry when they stop writing about you. 

-Amy Bowllan


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