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Building Beyond Borders

If you're interested in inspiring educators to build digital bridges with schools overseas, Joseph Panettieri, a writer from The Journal, has a great article and 10 easy steps for collaborating on an international level, Beyond Borders. -Amy Bowllan

Using Cell Phones To Teach

Educational visionary and futurist Marc Prensky provides readers with suggestions on using cell phones in education. Yup, cell phones. Here's one idea from his blog: "A picture contest to take the best (funniest) picture of a student, a teacher, something representing the school, with student judges and strict guidelines. Or the most educational picture. Or the best educational use of […]

The Digital DIS-Connect

I've used the analogy of Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants many times;

Who Am I?

eMints provides educators with a wide selection of standards based lesson plans (eThemes). Here's one from Scholastic. "This lesson on memoir writing can be adapted for elementary students. Includes three suggested books that are examples of memoir writing." What If? by A.H. Benjamin,  When I Was Little  by Toyomi Igus  Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox If students […]

A Lot Of Little Pieces To Pick Up

The Kottke blog is linking to a feed (via Gawker) of James Frey's appearance on Oprah today. He's obviously on the chopping block book list and from reading some of the live blog feed of the show, it seems like he will be minced into "a million little pieces" (sorry I couldn't resist) after she's finished with him. Ouch… How's this for Oprah Ire? "Frey says, “I don’t […]

The Little i and Big P…Making The Grade

Jeffrey Selingo from The NYT explores how Students and Teachers From Grades K to12 Hit The Podcasts  for classroom instruction. And one seventh grade teacher featured in the article states, "It's a lot more motivating to write something that the whole world can hear, rather than just something for a teacher to put a grade on." I […]


If you need some levity today please watch the clip from SNL, You Have To Learn Computers. (comes via DCannell's blog) -Amy Bowllan

For The Love of Boys

As a mother and educator of growing boys, I have to admit (after pulling my hair out) that there are days when I (as a woman) am not effective. Let’s face it, boys and girls think differently and this tends to impact learning. This has nothing to do with grades, tests, or even how well these students know information literacy; […]

Unitedstreaming Udpate

I just shot off an email to Unitedstreaming Video; my favorite of all favorites of resources on the Web. Here's the letter… To Whom It May Concern: Many of the videostreams on Internet and Library resources are from 2000. Are you in the process of updating your videostreams for updated information? Amy Bowllan It's hard to show […]

Are They Really Being Used?

A friend sent me a general email query wondering if I thought parents use filtering software at home. And in all honesty, I've never had a parent tell me that they actually use the filters.  That's not to say that they don't. But it's certainly worth sending a questionnaire home on. I know parents love filling these out; so I am sure they won't […]