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Random Birthday Thoughts

1) It's the SLJ Blogs' 200th posting!

2) I've always said that if Ben Franklin were alive today he would certainly be a blogger. And not because we share the same birthday (hint). Couldn't you picture him going toe-to-toe with the supporters of the Patriot Act? 

3) Martin Luther King Jr….Gosh, I think if he were alive today he would scoff at the amount of time the young and old(er) spend on the computer. But, he'd probably love the ease of having the world at his fingertips; provided it didn't take the place of real human interaction. I really couldn't picture Dr. King IM-ing or wearing an iPod for that matter.

4) My Dream for 2006… I have a dream that techies, librarians and teachers will one day see eye-to-eye, join hand-in-hand and bridge the divide so all students will become information literate in the 21st century.

5) The AP is reporting…Poll: Blacks Doubt Progress On Racial Equality Blacks More Likely Than Whites To Celebrate Holiday. (via WCBS2NY)

How do you celebrate MLK Day?

-Amy Bowllan (How cool is Google?)