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"A Nasty Title"

Today I was ready to write a post on Children Who Cheat; until I read John Stossel's article on Cheating The Children….Stupid In America. UUGGGHHH! Trust me, it's another one those…"American students don't measure up" bashing. But knowing I was ready to do the same, made for an AHA moment  for me today.

So, Stossel decided to have students from NJ and Belgium take an identical test which resulted in, as Stossel puts it, "the Belgians "pouncing" and "cleaning the clocks" of the American students." Nice. 
Now granted, one of the goals is to educate viewers; but to allow for sweeping generalizations about students being "stupid" certainly isn't going to help the situation. But, that's probably NOT the issue here.  

Stossel's 20/20 mini-video report  and some reactions brewing here  and here

-Amy Bowllan


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