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The Power of Tests

Today's New York Times has two articles here and here on test scores and answer keys. They're each completely different; but both reveal how a small word (like test) can really impact a school.

For example, the first article comes out of Houston…teachers are looking at merit pay increases if they can get their students higher standardized test scores (via NYT Ralph Blumenthal) Now why can't they get students to score higher without the pay is beyond me. But who said "money talks?" 

And in NYC, students in grade seven were cheated with the answer key and test booklets for their state exams. "The letters labeling the answers on the multiple-choice test did not correspond to those on the answer form. In some cases, the exam booklet directed students to choose F, G, H or J as possible answers, while the answer sheet offered only A, B, C and D as options. In other cases, the reverse was true." (via NYT David Herszenhorn)

-Amy Bowllan