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Unitedstreaming Udpate

I just shot off an email to Unitedstreaming Video; my favorite of all favorites of resources on the Web.

Here's the letter…

To Whom It May Concern:

Many of the videostreams on Internet and Library resources are from 2000. Are you in the process of updating your videostreams for updated information?

Amy Bowllan

It's hard to show a videostream on Internet research when the information is outdated.  Despite that, UV has amazing clips and blacklinemasters for all educators.



    What about showing a video on AIDS where more than half of their selections are from before 2000? Or maybe we should fire up “The Trouble with Tobacco” from 1995? Surely our information on cancer hasn’t advanced in the last 10 years?

    I think you are running into a very real and ongoing problem with these “video services.” When the marketing focus is on quantity rather than quality, the quality suffers. Even the one company that tried to sell themselves to my organization as being totally focused on quality and not quantity had no answer on how videos would be de-selected from their catalog. When asked, they answered that they had no selection policy whatsoever and no librarians on staff to help with selection of resources.

    Now maybe it’s just that the BOCES I work for provides a media library that has a full time MLS librarian on staff to select materials aligned with the NY curriculum and then deselect (ruthlessly!) resources that are no longer valid, that I cringe at the mention of products like UnitedStreaming. Still, even with my bias right out there in the open, I hope you will take a second look at the overall quality of the “package” you are reciving from UnitedStreaming and carefully consider whether it is truly the most educationally valid collection. Remember, what you deselect is just as important as what you select for a collection to be an accurate source of information.

    Note: these are my personal opinions and may not reflect the position of my employer.