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Love Makes The Libraries Go Round

Even though Valentine's Day has past, the mood is still in the air. There's also a lot of love happening at libraries. In the UK for instance, Love Your Library Month begins today and Rachel Buller writes about poetry lessons, complementary therapies to relax and revive you and lessons in writing romantic love songs happening at branches in Norfolk. Don't tell me that librarians now have to add "therapist" to their job description. Just kidding.

Anyway, here's a really neat poem by Varda One, called, My Library.  She begins it with, "It's only a room with shelves and books, but it's far more magical than it looks." This is just an observation, but the copyright date for the poem is 1999 which is probably why computers are not mentioned in the "room." I know…no one asked me. But this clearly demonstrates how technology rapidly changes. Most libraries in 1999 (which wasn't that long ago) probably didn't have computer terminals set up for patrons. Just my 2 pennies worth. 

But back to the point of the post, if you want to see How To Love Your Library, visit here.

-Amy Bowllan