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Where have ALLLLLL the chalkboards gone?

This question comes in my BEST Peter, Paul and Mary voice.  I also dedicate this post to the chalkboard and eraser, who never received the proper burials. 

I know this is not a new story.  But these old boards really served educators well over the years. "Taking a page from the business world, they're outfitting most new and remodeled schools with white-boards, in some cases installing high-tech devices that turn them into virtual computer screens." (Chalkboards slowly erased from schools AP)

<CUE music>Who could forget the privilege (or punishment) of clapping erasers outside the window, the changing colors of the chalk and the never ending fight to get the boards clean. Now, the chalkboard appears to be moving to the Island of Misfit educational tools.

But are the "white boards" that much better?  I know the"hip" schools are into the Smart Classrooms. Are teachers really using them? The chalkboard was "old faithful," always there and needed very little maintenance…a good cleaning, that's all. 

If your school is still using chalkboards please tell us why. 

-Amy Bowllan (forgive me for being a little silly today)


  1. I’ve seen people who’ve had the whiteboards for a few years, going back to the write and wipe boards. The novelty wears off. I do think the Smartboards are great for some things – tried and true methods lead one back to the chalkboard or write and wipe boards!

  2. Thanks Keith. But I’m still not sure that the whiteboard has “made its stay.” We know we need both…not sure why. However, I do think the computer could eliminate many of the variables. Your thoughts.

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