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A King in the Library

I've always heard that chess is an excellent educational tool to help students learn. Grandmaster and Olympic World Champion Susan Polgar is a big advocate who also promotes Chess in Schools.

Tom Long from the Globe Correspondent writes about a Library director who also believes in the benefits of the ancient board game. "Michael Sullivan has been director of the Weeks Library for four years. He said he was drawn to the two-room, 19th-century library because it allows him to do a little bit of everything. In addition to teaching chess, he is a storyteller, author, and poet who does outreach to local schools." Librarian believes chess can move kids off the couch 

Sullivan is also a "SHOW NO MERCY" kind of guy. Not only does he encourage boys to pick up a book instead of gameboys, he's known to beat them mercilessly on the chessboards.

"Never let anyone win at chess," Sullivan said. "It enforces bad habits."  (via Chess master shows no mercy By Karen Dandurant)

-Amy Bowllan
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