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What’s "A Fuse #8 Production"?

Here’s another, Meaning Behind The Blog Title entry from Elizabeth Bird over at A Fuse #8 Production.
"A Fuse #8 Production" came about through my very first car. I had an old 1989 rust-bucket of a Buick that my grandmother gave to me my Senior year of college. It didn’t look particularly nice, but it ran well enough and I was happy with it. One day a friend and I drove back to my apartment and I parked, pulled the keys out of the ignition, and was about to open my door when the electric locks on the car started to lock and unlock insanely. Convinced the car was possessed (I mean, I had the keys in my HAND) I avoided it and later found that the electric locks had worn out the battery. We named the car Linda Blair shortly thereafter. It looked as if I’d be having some expensive electrical work done to my poor little Buick when the mechanic (who wins the most-honest-fellow-in-Richmond-Indiana award) said that rather than replace everything I could just remove a small fuse from my car that controlled the locks. Fuse #8. I was delighted, but soon found that Fuse #8 has a variety of different uses. Like the horn, for example. If I drove about without the fuse in, I didn’t have a horn, locks, or a radio. What does Fuse #8 have to do with children’s literature? As a colleague of  mine pointed out to me, bupkiss. But my husband is a screenwriter and we enjoy coming up with kooky names for production companies. He wanted to call one "Widow Be-Damned Productions", but for some (obvious) reason that one never came to fruition. I always liked the sound of "A Fuse #8 Production".  And here we are today.And I say this with great sincerity…VISIT THIS BLOG! It’s jam packed with expert advice on Children’s Literature picks and Elizabeth writes posts that really make you think.  Certainly, a diamond in the ruff.

-Amy Bowllan


  1. E.R. Bird says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for the great P.R.! I truly appreciate it.