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Jacks of all Trades

An interesting piece from Florence Gilkeson of She writes on the Sandhill Regional Library System and the countless services [awesome stats] the County Library performs. County Libraries Are Livelier Places

The library staff answered 63,626 questions, saw 118,056 visitors, presented 361 adult programs and meetings attended by 6,196 adults. The staff also presented 205 children’s programs to 11,225 children at the main library in Carthage and its branches. The library staff also assisted 16,337 Internet users to utilize library computers.

On a very light note…"63,626 questions were answered?" How do they keep track of them all?

-Amy Bowllan



    Amy, in my library system we keep track of the number of question we are asked everyday and even break it down to whether it’s readers’ advisory, reference, computer help, etc.! Susan

  2. Please tell us HOW Susan. It seems like ‘stats’ like these would be pretty powerful to admin in the school library setting. Right?

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