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Is this statement true or false?

"As you browse through a book dealing with your topic, you come across a sentence that states very clearly a point you would like to make in your term paper. You add the sentence to your paper exactly as you see it and cite the book. Later a friend tells you that you did not have to do that for one meager sentence. You need only cite material when you use a "substantial amount" from a book or article. Is your friend's statement true or false?"

While the answer is false, this is just one example of how Martha Johansen and her colleagues at the Humboldt State University Library educate students on Information Literacy: Achieving Basic Competency (Info ABC) using OWLS or interactive Online Workshops for Library Skills. They've designed six different modules, each with its own topics, tasks and pertinent research skills of information. This is truly efficiency at its best. It's certainly worth using as a tutorial for both students and faculty. 

-Amy Bowllan