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Hot Times For The NYPL

Wow…summer is officially here! And while some are hitting the beaches, others appear to be crowding the New York Public Library.

It's also been a great week (marketing-wise) for the NYPL. Not only was The Donnell Central Children's Room's Senior librarian (giving summer reading tips) on NY1 news…see it here. New York Times writer, Anthony Ramirez, writes on how Library Phone Answerers Survive the Internet .  Ramirez writes, "Still, the persistence of this service raises its own questions. Like why, in the age of search engines, would anyone bedevil a human being with such questions? And what human being would choose to be so bedeviled?" Ramirez reports that there are ten researchers working in this highly specialized unit.

One question I was wondering but couldn't get from the article was…"Has the number of library answerers (hired) experience layoffs over the years with the onset of the Internet boom?  Otherwise, this well known number (212) 340-0849 will connect you to the library researchers @NYPL. And according to the article, people all over the world are dialing it. 

-Amy Bowllan