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News (via HOLLI CHMELA's New York Times' article A Language to Air News of America to the World)    

Are You A Moodler?

Does your school use Moodle? Educators are setting up courses in online talking communities to enhance classroom learning. If you're not familiar with Moodle here's a training video for new users (like me). It takes a while to load but it's worth the wait since it covers the fundamentals. -Amy Bowllan 

The Wireless World Wins

Here's an interesting article on a study done out of Michigan on how Wireless PCs motivate students to learn. "Of the 4,245 students (mostly sixth graders) who completed the survey, more than 60 percent said the notebooks increased their interest in learning. More than 87 percent said they want the computers next year, and nearly 60 percent said notebooks make […]

Capturing The Moment

Using digital cameras in the schools can really enhance classroom instruction. Teachers and students can capture classroom activities for newsletters, web pages, and even student portfolios.  Here's a video of youngster reading his reading inventory. Every subject area can benefit from using cameras. Here's one for a social studies curriculum and comes via  Deborah Duncan from Neshoba Central High […]

You’re Never Too Young To Learn Programming

For students with the urge to learn programming try starting them here and here.  The downloads are free and the applications appear to be user friendly.. -Amy Bowllan 

So Just What Is A PB Wiki?

…visit here to find out. (via A. Davis) -Amy Bowllan

Gifted Students

The Discovery Educator's Network is a wonderful resource for educators. Interactive lessons, webquests and interesting discussion topics are also featured.  Yesterday's topic, added by teacher Katie Leach asks, "What has worked for you with Gifted Students?  How do you differentiate for the Gifted student?"  What has been helpful in your classroom?"  This topic is DEFINITELY educator water-cooler chat for sure. […]

Long Lake Library Holds A Treasure

Books Are Treasures is just one of themes you'll see when visiting Long Lake Library in Long Lake, NY. (Yes, I finally made it there over my vacation.)  You'll also find a unique display case (developed by stream ecologist Kathy Stout) with jewelry created by the caddisfly, which is an aquatic insect that lives in mountain […]

You’ll Have To See It To Believe It!

If you want to beat the heat tomorrow, New York State's Summer Reading spokesman, magician and best-selling author David Blaine will be…"Having a Conversation" and appearing live at the Donnell Library tomorrow at 11:00 am. -Amy Bowllan

A Dove’s Hope

So sad reading a 2004 post from the Dove's Eye View blogger. She writes, "Beirut has many good universities with libraries of long standing, but public libraries are new. The Dove loves libraries, and sees the opening of Beirut's 2d library, with plans for 21 more, as a beacon of light in these times of […]