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Capturing The Moment

Using digital cameras in the schools can really enhance classroom instruction. Teachers and students can capture classroom activities for newsletters, web pages, and even student portfolios.  Here's a video of youngster reading his reading inventory.

Every subject area can benefit from using cameras. Here's one for a social studies curriculum and comes via  Deborah Duncan from Neshoba Central High School in Philadelphia, she writes, "Take pictures of each student's face and incorporate that image into a computerized "Wanted" poster for the westward movement unit. Kids could add in (via text) the varmint's favorite book, etc. They could also be fancy and add in handlebar mustaches, black hats, etc. to make themselves look more sinister. Social studies students can use digital photos to design front covers for their reports. Photo essay projects of the old buildings and historic sights in your town. Create a slide show and use the photos to teach about each sites before and/or after you visit them with your classes. Then compile the photos into a tour booklet for each building. In addition, the photos could be used to test knowledge after the visit. Use the digital camera to help students understand history. Use Timeliner 4.0 from Tom Snyder where students research their own timelines. Take a digital scavenger hunt. Take pictures outside or on a field trip. Use photos to make a map of your communities."

If you have More Digital Camera Ideas please leave them in the comment section.

-Amy Bowllan