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Gender Does Matter

Being at Blue Mountain Lake (for over a week now) has been glorious! However, the internet access has much to be desired; so I'll make this post quick.  My colleagues and I were assigned two books to read over the summer. Why Gender Matters by Dr. Leonard Sax is one of them and holds many answers, tips and […]

Boys Fates

Call me defensive…but every time I read an article on the abyssmal "fate of our/my boys" I cannot help but wonder "says who?" Me read? No way! 


Here's some good news on how teacher-librarians

Archives Are Here To Stay

Genealogy columnist, Julie Miller from Colorado's Daily Camera, allays fears and provides strategies for people who are interested in researching their past. Miller writes, "Many people are intimidated by libraries, especially by archives and specialty libraries such as those at historical societies. This fear can be reduced with a little bit of preparation and education. Tip#1 Be prepared. […]

Cameras in Libraries

Incident reports and undercover cameras placed in some Cleveland libraries caught some pretty despicable acts from a few unsuspecting patrons. See the article and video here; and be prepared to gag. -Amy Bowllan 

Author Harper Lee Writes To Oprah

Dear Oprah…how did you do it? I'm sure this is a question that has crossed many minds after reading (the reclusive author of  To Kill A Mockingbird) Harper Lee's letter to Oprah; which is featured in the July issue of O Magazine. Harper Lee sends a timely message to Oprah. Especially with the multitude of parents who are the gatekeepers […]

Marketing via MSM

It's no surprise that with the right pitch and the right product ANYTHING can happen. Youtube is the perfect example. But recently, we've seen how the indirect marketing of libraries through the MSM can keep viewers in the know when it comes to the wealth of resources they offer. Now don't get me wrong, the subject of libraries will never […]

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Inlet Library

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