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So, school is just around the corner and teachers (I'm sure) are busy fixing up their classrooms with much enthusiasm. Right? I bet NO ONE is thinking about the latest Back To School Gadget that will probably turn up on the "MOST WANTED" list for school administrators.

The MYLO,which stands for, My Life Online, does just about everything, from instant messaging, to web browsing, to photos. It's also my prediction that this little device is sure to stir some CC…Classroom Controversy. Cat Schwartz, a.k.a. "The Hi-Tech Mommy," has a list of the hottest gadgets people will be investing in for the upcoming school year.  (Saw it first on The Today Show)

Cell phones and iPods were distractors last year. And the year before that. And they year before that.  In the comment section, please share with readers your own School Gadget Distractors.

-Amy Bowllan