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Author William Loizeaux

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As soon as I read the book Wings (a new release by FSG) by educator and author William Loizeaux, I found myself reflecting and missing my own childhood.  I was also trying to remember those unforgettable, life changing experiences buried somewhere deep in my subconscious.

Wings is an endearing and charming children's book that William Loizeaux  carefully weaves  (with beautiful illustrations by Leslie Bowman) together the innocence, bliss and sometimes grief  that young people can experience early in life. Every page of Wings speaks to the essence of  what children (and adults) long for and ultimately cherish from their childhood…lasting memories.  

Here and here are two articles on William Loizeaux.  The first article, on "the writing of memoirs,"  he wrote for The Christian Science Monitor after  James Frey's, A Million Little Pieces book unraveled.  Loizeaux writes, "Memoirs occupy a peculiar but invaluable patch of the literary landscape. They are not fiction, but nor are they strictly nonfiction. But memoirists have something crucial to learn from nonfiction writers. They can all be more attentive to their pact with their readers and to the varieties of truth that memory yields. At the same time, memoirists must not forget what they're about. A memoir is subjective. It is personal. That's where its authority and power come from."

-Amy Bowllan


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