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This year…Add To The DREAM

SLJ writer Gail Junion-Metz is prompting educators (this year) to teach students how to write their own DREAM. To add to this directive…Google has the I Have A Dream speech from The March on Washington, by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The key is, "not to wait until January to have our students dream."-Amy Bowllan


Using Alphasmarts is great way to free up laptops or desktops for students who just need a wordprocessing tool.  A classroom set of is pretty inexpensive Here and here    (Alphasmarts article) article on alphasmarts Neo is the less expensive solution for entire classrooms


So, school is just around the corner and teachers (I'm sure) are busy fixing up their classrooms with much enthusiasm. Right? I bet NO ONE is thinking about the latest Back To School Gadget that will probably turn up on the "MOST WANTED" list for school administrators. The MYLO,which stands for, My Life Online, does just about everything, from instant […]

Google (Video) The Word "Librarians"

Here's Google's video, with attendees like Debbie Abilock speaking from the ALA 2006 Conference in New Orleans . They also have available last year's snippet of Librarians pushing carts at ALA 2005 and an adorable trailer for the World's Fastest Librarian. -Amy Bowllan

Computer-Less School Libraries

So just what are teacher/librarians to do if they do not have access to computers in their school library? I only ask, because I was asked and started to wonder if teaching how to use the library without computers is possible.

Knowledge That’s Easier To Come By

See NYT editorial, "Where The Books Are" for changes happening to the reference collection in the Main Reading Room at the NYPL. -Amy Bowllan

Google Cache$

Try This Back To School Listening Drill

See how well you score with this Back To School Supplies listening activity. I scored a whopping 60%!   -Amy Bowllan

It’s A Sign Of The Times

Quote of the WEEK! Then the Internet went down. "Our building was full and when our Internet went down our building was empty. They all left," said Branch Coordinator Wanda Bennett. "It’s the computer age, you know." (via By Daniel Silliman's article At area libraries, some head right for the computers) Is this the trend […]