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Literacy And The School Library

Funding for school libraries is so important and here's ONE more reason (and article) on how a School Library is an essential component in promoting literacy. "A body of evidence from research conducted in the United States and parts of Canada found a link between the presence of a well-staffed, well-funded school library and overall student achievement." […]

Delicious Monster David Pogue NYT

Blog Your Bulletin Board Ideas

(Eye-Popping 3-D Bulletin Boards Susan L. Lingo ) Every educator knows that school bulletin boards have many uses. They can also been a PAIN to put up if you're (like me) not skilled at designing them. But anyway, most teachers use their bulletin boards as teaching tools, or showcases for learners. And if you're one of those teachers who are pained when it's time to […]

old librarian Back at the library, Smith thinks for a time about Edwin, his life living under her roof. She starts to say how it's been all of these years, then pauses. "But now," she says, "I couldn't get along without him." As for the library itself, it's getting along just fine. But Smith knows she […]

Ghouls and Goblins in August

I know it's too early for Halloween, but three ghosts are reportedly living in the Phoenixville Public Library. They're also, apparently wreaking havoc over the renovations happening at the library…true diehards (no pun). Karin Williams from the Phoenixville News writes, "Other reports inside the library include books flying off shelves – something which was reported […]


here for a 20 minute radio interview (89.3 KPCC Airtalk) of the Huntington Library's New Data Base Chronicling California Indians. There's some fascinating research that's been transferred (from microfilm now online) of the early native Californians. Here's the Web address.  -Amy Bowllan

A "Wanna Be" J.P.

Art teachers can really have a ball with this Jackson Pollock site. I know I've been trying my own talent on the drawing board. But be sure to keep clicking your mouse to experience the change in colors. (via K-F Teacher Sites)  Stamen Design artists were the original creators of the Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas.  (original flash animation by […]

Try The Video Dictionary of Signs

Part of my summer has been spent training teachers on the how- tos of threading digital information/resources throughout their curriculum. And in researching sites on Helen Keller, for a second grade teacher who will be reading, Helen Keller by Margaret Davidson, I found a Video Dictionary of Signs for babies who are deaf. It's definitely worth furling because students can independently, […]

Ramit Sethi

NYPL’s Author Chats

If you're under the age of 18 (I'm certainly not), you can chat with authors Kate Camillo, and Sharon Draper  at NYPL's Summer Reading 2006 author chats. I actually tried to sign up but realized (very soon) this feature is for our youth. Anyway, Camillo's chat begins today at 2:00. -Amy Bowllan